【From All Sports Community】Photos from the Event Now Available!

Updated June 10, 2024 Hello! This is All Sports Community. Thank you for your patience, participants! The photos from the Osaka Castle Triathlon 2024 have been released! ↓ Click here to view the photos ↓ https://allsports.jp/event/01344217.html?utm_source=official&utm_medium=topix_a3&utm_campaign=0_marathonJP_after1 *The order deadline is Wednesday, July 10, 2024. Take a look back at the event through these photos! 😊 […]

Regarding Finisher Certificate Download

Updated June 10, 2024 The finisher certificates have been issued and can be downloaded from here. Additionally, the latest results have been updated, so please check them.

Osaka Castle Triathlon 2024: Thank You Message

Updated June 10, 2024 On Sunday, May 26th, we were blessed with good weather and had the participation of approximately 800 athletes from both domestic and international locations. We successfully held the event without any major incidents. This success is entirely thanks to the efforts and cooperation of everyone involved in the event management, the […]

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Osaka Castle Triathlon Course Highlight


We will swim in the eastern outer moat of Osaka Castle. This location served as a rugby field and sports ground in the post-war period. The moat was restored to its current form during the construction from 1994 to 1997, coinciding with the completion of the ‘Heisei Era Grand Renovation’ of the main keep in March 1997. The triathlon swimming competition held in this moat has garnered significant attention from various media outlets. This year, it’s your turn to swim!


Swiftly sprinting from the verdant forest of Osaka Castle Park to the towering skyscrapers of Osaka Business Park. Exiting the water and greenery of Osaka Castle Park, heading north along Tamatsukuri-suji towards the high-rise buildings of the International Information City, OBP, where culture and information coexist. The course loops back in front of the ytv Kyobashi Building. Run through the city that serves as a business oasis, harmonizing with the history and greenery that overflow in Osaka Castle, conveying the past to the present and running towards the future.


Running enveloped by the lush green forest and gazing at Osaka Castle is truly exceptional! The energy levels skyrocket with cheers from the numerous spectators lining the route! We have prepared a finishing line full of inspiration for the athletes. Finish with the greatest smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Osaka Castle Triathlon 2019 Live Streaming

This live streaming will start at around 8:00 AM right before the men's elite race start.

Osaka Castle Triathlon